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What if a guy doesn’t produce pre-ejaculate? Its not unusual at all, in fact usually most males do not produce pre-cum, most have a natural habit of holding it in for a large explosion. Share to:

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Apr 01, 2007 · Best Answer: Precum is lubricating fluid. I find that the level of precum and the stage of sex it happens at is directly related to your level of excitement. It is similar to a woman’s lubricating fluids. The more turned on she is the more she produces. However, either sex can produce the even when not that aroused.

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The fluid they make lubricates the urethra and facilitates semen flow during ejaculation. Pre-ejaculatory fluid starts to seep out during sexual arousal , so it comes out when he’s erect. Sexual activity is not necessary to initiate the secretion of the fluid, but it will continue during the sexual activity.

Most men don’t even notice discharging precum when it happens. Click To Tweet. More importantly, men do not have any control over it. Early understandings on precum once were that sperm is expected to be part of the fluid. Further investigation revealed that …

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Researching precum facts will help people understand what it is and why it’s there. Whether looking for information about precum and pregnancy or the reason behind the early pre-ejaculation, men and women need to inquire about the subject to get correct and factual answers.

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Oct 19, 2012 · Pre-cum is simply a wetness you get from sexual stimulation, it cleanses the urethra from acid so sperm can safely move through it when ejaculation comes into play. Most guys can’t even tell that it’s there (in all honestly) and there isn’t really any other true benefits sexually or sensually, besides a slight wetness.

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Aug 29, 2006 · Yeah, you’re probably producing more precum with a partner than you would by yourself because you’re more turned on; simple as that. I mean, you’ve got a real, bona fide teen instead of an imaginary one! That seems, to me, a no brainer.

Some men produce large amounts of this fluid, while others produce very little. Everyone is different. This fluid clears the urethra of uric acid prior to ejaculation.

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Answers from specialists on produce more precum. First: I assume you bean inside of your body? That is thought yo be the limit.

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Oct 29, 2009 · The easiest way to increase your ejaculate is to drink 2 to 3 liters of water a day. You can also do regular Kegel exercises to increase your sperm count, like flexing your PC muscle. Avoid things that can deplete your sperm …

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