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Russian Alphabet There are 33 letters in the Russian Alphabet: 10 vowels, 21 consonants, and 2 signs (ь, ъ). Russian is an Eastern Slavonic language closely related to Ukrainian and Belorussian with about 277 million speakers in Russia and 30 other countries.

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example translate: пример, образец , пример, образец. Learn more in the Cambridge English-Russian Dictionary.

Karl Marx, a German philosopher, is known for his revolutionary political ideas during the Russian Revolution. He established the idea of “materialist conception of history”, meaning how society and the economy is organized is determined by changes material conditions.

For example, a Russian named Alexei which has a man named Nikolay would be called Alexei Nikolayevich or Alexei, son of Nikolay. In this case, Nikolayevich is the patronymic. Depending on the man’s name, the endings for the patronymic can be “-ovich”, “-evich” or “-ich”.

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Russian Vocabulary (and Wisdom) Example sentences: Я роди́лся в Росси́и. I was born in Russia. Столи́ца России – Москвá. Moscow is the capital of Russia. Я хочу́ поéздить по Росси́и. I want to travel through Russia.

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Russian Vocabulary (and Wisdom) How to say "for example" in Russian. This Russian word is one of the top 1000 words in Russian. The complete list of most common Russian words is available here.

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How to use Russian in a sentence. Example sentences with the word Russian. Russian example sentences. Definitions . Synonyms . SentencesSentence examples. Russian Sentence Examples. There were two Germans and a Russian officer in the room. She sometimes thought his accent sounded Russian, sometimes Irish.

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Translation for ‘example’ in the free English-Russian dictionary and many other Russian translations.

For example, typing an English (Latin) letter on a keyboard will actually type a Russian letter with a similar sound (A=А, S=С, D=Д, F=Ф, etc.). Letter names [ edit ] Until approximately the year 1900, mnemonic names inherited from Church Slavonic were used for the letters.

The Russian language in the world declined after 1991 due to the collapse of the Soviet Union and decrease in the number of Russians in the world and diminution of the total population in Russia (where Russian is an official language), however this has since been reversed.

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